"It takes a heap 'o livin' in a house t' make it a home" -Edgar A. Guest

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

GM River Days

This last weekend marked a big event in downtown Detroit--GM River Days. It's a four day festival on the Detroit International Riverfront (Windsor, Canada is on the other side of the river) . It included games, rides, music, food, exhibits, and fireworks.
We went on Saturday and were lucky to take everything in just before a huge rainstorm began. It was quite a bit of fun--we got to see some jet ski performances--I was amazed at the stuff those guys (and girls) can do! Adam's favorite thing was watching the Ultimate Air Dogs--dock jumping dogs that run and jump off a platform into a pool and compete to see who gets the longest distance. We let Lily splash around in a couple of fountains and entered some raffles/sweepstakes things. Lily won a DVD at one booth.

They also had an impressive display of classic cars. Here is Adam in front of a '57 Chevy Bellaire.
You can see the ominous clouds above. We had to book it back to the Renaissance Center to beat the downpour. Because we had Lily's stroller we had to go up the wheelchair ramp, which is just a lot of switchbacks. As the rain started coming down we scrapped that idea and carried her up the stairs in it and made a mad dash for shelter. Good times!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Father's Day!

Father's Day was a weekend celebration in our house, regardless if Adam noticed, or not. Saturday started off with me trying to keep Lily quiet and entertained so he could sleep in. When he woke up I made us a nice, healthy breakfast, which was followed by a long walk to the local farmer's market in downtown Farmington. Before we left, Adam was complaining that he didn't have anything to wear, so I decided to grace him with an early Father's Day present. He finally got a Detroit Tiger's hat as well as a new T-shirt.
We had planned on trying to find some vegetable plants at the market to take home with us but didn't find anything to our liking. Instead we went to Quiznos and had lunch. I consider the trip a success. I had a good laugh when I pointed out to Adam that he had overlooked the sizing sticker on the front of his shirt and had been walking around all day with it like that. It was a fun, laid-back morning. Adam--always the optimist--noted that if it weren't for the high gas prices, we probably wouldn't have even thought of going out for a morning stroll, which is probably true. We've tried to curb our driving as much as possible and, hence, have started walking more. Let me tell you, though--it was a hot walk home--I felt like I was suffocating in my jeans--if only Lily hadn't vomited all over my shorts the night before! Once we got home we filled Lily's swimming pool up and let her splash around for a while.
On Sunday Adam enjoyed yet another day of sleeping in, followed by a much-slaved-over breakfast of chocolate chip pancakes. The one thing he asked for for father's day was a nap. He attempted to take one, but the quality, I fear, was less than stellar; Lily had just woken up from her nap as he went to lay down, and she's usually rather vocal after she gets up. I walked into the bedroom to find Adam with a pillow over his face in an attempt to muffle her squawking. I ended up taking her out for a walk. We tried to grill for dinner, but apparently the charcoal we bought is rather cheap and was not cooking the chicken satisfactory to Adam's taste, so we scrapped that and threw it in the oven. I think it turned out fine.
(If Nat is reading this, please note there is not one, but two bottles of spray butter on the table).
Adam and his little buddy before she went to bed (try to ignore the messy spit up stain on her shirt). Happy Father's Day Adam!